EAA Interim Report




EAA successfully continues with portfolio reduction

The EAA closed the 2020 financial year with a lower net loss of EUR 1.9 million after tax compared to EUR 2.7 million in the previous year. A slightly negative result in the current winding-up phase has been taken into account in the original wind-up planning and is no indication of changed conditions or risks.


Transparent business model

In the public interest

The EAA operates as an asset manager pursuing a clear, public mandate that is enshrined in its charter: it is winding up the risk exposures and non-strategic business units (transferred assets) transferred from the former WestLB AG (now Portigon AG) and its domestic and for-eign subsidiaries in a value-preserving and risk-minimising manner. This serves to stabilise the financial market.


EAA-Rating EN

Very high creditworthiness and first-class ratings

AA is independent both economically and in terms of its organisation, this means, amongst other things, that it plans its refinancing itself and implements it with its own issues on the capital market. As a result of the liability commitments it has obtained, EAA enjoys very high creditworthiness.


Financial Reports

Optimising the wind-up result

The EAA has disposed of around 90% of the financial products it took over from WestLB in 2009/2010 and 2012. The portfolio has therefore been reduced much faster than planned. This reduction was carried out in a way that preserved value. As a result, the EAA has higher reserves than expected at this time.